Footer Content

Adding Footer content to the Home Page.

The Splash area consists of four components- Footer Header, Left Footer, Right Footer and Copyright.

Adding a Splash Header and Splash Content.

  1. Click Extras->Configuation in the Modx toolbar.
  2.  Select the Footer Tab
    1. Edit the Footer Header.
      1. Enter text to display as the header.
      2. Do not  use HTML Tags in the header.
      3. The Footer Header is placed in <p> with the classes .lead and .text-center.
    2. Edit the Footer Left and Footer Right.
      1. Enter text or HTML to create the content and a layout for the splash.
      2. The Footers are contained in columns with the .col-sm-6 class.
      3. The WYSIWIG editor will not display the Bootstrap formatting in the editor.
    3. Edit the Copyright
      1. Enter text or HTML to display copyright information for your site.
      2. The Copyright is aligned with  the class, .text-right.
      3. Do not  use HTML Tags in the header.
  3. Click Save Configuation.