Installation (Self Hosted)

Download install file

  • Oerx Install file  (
  • UnZip the file.

Create MySQL Database/DB User

  • Create a MySQL database.
  • Create a  MySQL User for the database.
  • Import the file oerx.sql into the MySQL database.

Edit Configuration Files

  • config.core.php
    • Replace PATH/TO/WEBROOT/MODX-FOLDER with the correct path to the install of Modx on your server.


  • /core/config/
    • Replace PATH/TO/WEBROOT/MODX-FOLDER with the correct path to the install of Modx on your server.
    • Replace remaining instances of MODX-FOLDER  as follows:
      • Modx installed in a folder
        • Search and replace with the folder-name.
      • Modx installed at the root.
        • Delete remaining instances of /MODX-FOLDER.
    • Replace www.yourdomain.tld with the correct Domain.
    • Update database setting
      • Replace db_name with the name of your database.
      • Replace db_user with the name of the user for the database.
      • Replace db_password with the password for the database.
      • Replace db_host with the database server (typically localhost).

Upload Files to Your Server

  • Upload all files in the www folder.

Run setup

  • Navigate to  www.yourdomain.tld/modx-folder/setup in your browser.

Installation Steps




Modx Server Requirements Overview

The guidelines below are the minimal and recommended versions of software to run MODX Revolution.

Component Minimum Recommended Recommended for Production
PHP Latest 5.5.x Latest 5.6.x or 7.0.x
Database Latest MySQL 5.5.x MariaDB 10.1.x or Percona Server 5.6.x or above
Web Server Latest Apache 2.2.x Latest NGINX 1.8.x or above