Adding Book Records

Basic Steps

  1. Create a Resource in the Catalog Folder
    1. Right Click Catalog select create->document in the Resource Tree.
    2. Enter document content
      1. Enter Title of Book 
      2. Set template to  BookTemplate
      3. Check Published
    3. Click the Template Variable tab
      1. Enter Title Details
        1. Title, SubTitle (optional)
        2. Enter Publicaiton and copyright Dates
        3. Select and UploadBook Cover
          1. Click image Icon in the input box.
          2. This opens the Media Browser
          3. Create a Directory for the book (title-lastname)
            1. Create two directories in the book's Directory
              1. cover
                1. Store Cover image
              2. files
                1. Store PDFs and EPUBs
          4. Right Click book's cover directory select Upload Files
          5. Upload File
          6. Click image and then OK
          7. Save Document
        4. Select Authors, Contributors (optional), and Editors (optional)
          1. The drop down lists are populated by the published resources in the Contributor's collection.
        5. Subjects and Description
          1. Subjects- The drop down list are populated by the published resources in the Subjects's collection.
          2. Enter a  description of the book.
          3. Enter a Table of Contents
            1. For PDFs and URLs direct links can be made into the content of the book.
              1. PDFs - https://domain.tld/path/to/pdf/filename.pdf#page=5
        6. Format
          1. Select format from dropdown (EPUB, PDF, WebSite) 
          2. Enter number of pages.
        7. Enter Volume and Edition
        8. Enter Course Information
          1. How to edit course prefix dropdown list.
  2. Publish and Save Document.