Adding Authors

Basic Steps

  1. Click Contributors in the Resource Tree.
  2. Select Create Child button
  3. Enter Information on the Document Tab
    1. Title-   Lastname, Firstname
    2. Content-  Enter Biography
    3. Check Published
  4. Enter Information on the Template Variables Tab
    1. Basic Values
      1. Firstname
      2. Lastname
      3. Short biography
      4. Eamil
      5. Url
      6. ORCID
    2. Select and Upload Profile Image
      1. Click image Icon in the input box.
      2. This Opens the Media Browser
      3. Create a Directory for the author (lastname-firstname)
      4. Refresh Authors by clicking the refresh icon
      5. Right Click Author's directory select Upload Files
      6. Upload File
      7. Click image and then OK
    3. Save Author Document